A well-established American aroma hop with a flowery and spicy, citrus-like quality with a slight grapefruit characteristic.

Alpha  5.44%

Beta    7.11%


A derivation of Brewer’s Gold, Fuggle, East Kent Golding and others, it is among the most popular variety of hops for U.S. craft brewers. Sometimes called a “super Cascade”.

Alpha   9.14%

Beta     3.22%


Developed by the U.S.D.A.’s breeding program in Washington State, it has a highly acceptable beer aroma profile with smooth bitterness and full flavor with notes of pine-resin and grapefruit.

Alpha    11.53%

Beta      3.57%


An early American hop variety, it is an all-purpose hop for bittering or as a late addition to bring out strong citrus flavors. Comet is a potent high-oils hop with “raspy” or “wild” bitterness, similar to Brewers Gold.

Alpha    9.65%

Beta      4.16%



Released in 2014 by Great Lakes Hops, Mackinac is described by brewers as having robust tropical and citrus aromas and flavors. This hop shows great promise for both wide utility and flavorful new beer styles that are trending toward these aromas and flavors. The moderately low cohumulone offers brewers a smoother brewing profile with excellent foam characteristics. The name Mackinac was selected for this hop because the ambiance and experience of visiting Michigan’s Mackinac Island is as unique as this special hop.

Alpha    10.7%

Beta       3.19%

Sorachi Ace

A Japanese bred, high alpha aroma hop that is considered an all-purpose hop used when strong, bright lemony character is desired.

Alpha    9.35%

Beta      6.40%